Grilled Chicken

Chicken being grilled

Grilled Chicken Breast

  This recipe is another of our base recipes or prep recipes. This can be done ahead for many different finished dishes. Preferably for this recipe you would use a preportioned size of chicken breast not the random size super fat ones that come standard in most grocery freezers. Try some bulk supply stores like GFS or Sams Club. If you happen to use the super fat chicken breast, as we do most of the time to save on costs, be sure to flatten it out with your meat mallet. Below is a video of my daughter demonstrating how to flatten the chicken. I never fully cook my chicken on the grill because most of the time the outside will have a burned flavor to it while the middle is still under cooked.

Protip: Mark it on the grill and finish the chicken in the oven for an even cook!

  Marinading this chicken will help the grill marks show up. The sugars cooking on the hot grill is what ultimately turns the brown/black color. Without a marinade you may actually be burning the chicken instead of caramelizing sugars which will give a funky flavor and possibly cause over cooking. You also do not have to marinade for very long, just 5-10 minutes, because the marinade is not for flavor, just grill marks.
  Be sure to have the grill as hot as possible before placing meat on it. If you just scrubbed the grill really well, be sure to oil the grates and let the oil burn on. When trying to flip the chicken just remember if it doesn’t pull away easily then it isn’t ready to be flipped.

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Grilled Chicken

Chicken Breasts
Marinade of Choice (My go to marinade Italian dressing for ease of use)
Oil (To brush on the grill)
  1. This chicken does not have to marinaded overnight, just toss the chicken in the marinade 5-10 min before cooking the chicken. Remember, it’s not there for flavor.
  2. Oil the grill if freshly scrubbed and let the oil burn on for 10-15 minutes on high heat.
  3. Place chicken on a hot grill diagonally across the grill after a few minutes lift the edges, if they come up easily and a nice grill mark is shown then give it a quarter turn. After another minute check it again for the mark then flip and repeat the quarter turn after a few minutes.
  4. We do not want this to burn so I always pull the chicken from the grill. At this point, the chicken is in it’s prepped stage and can be chilled and stored for later use.
  5. Place the chicken in a 350°F oven until a temperature of 165°F is reached.
  6. Serve in your desired way. This chicken also tastes great chilled on salads or for your kids plates.